Through a community outreach program FoN has been spearheading projects in all schools in the local villages, including presentations on the biodiversity of the reef and coast, summer school for children of the communities, and field trips to Laughing Bird Caye and Little Water Caye for both adults and students. Our staff is also facilitating Environmental Clubs in each of the schools by working with adults in each village to assist teachers in carrying out club projects.

Friends of Nature has ongoing programs to provide training for commercial fishermen in alternative sustainable livelihoods, including SCUBA to Dive Master-level certification, fly-fishing, and whale-shark tour guiding.

FoN is constantly evaluating characteristics such as the number of households depending on fishing, the percentage of households that have turned to tourism, and basic standards of living of our coastal communities. How its villages are influenced by external forces such as regional fishery prices, international aid programs, exploding populations and other factors are among the core underlying issues we examine, and a guide to how best to address them.

We will continue to monitor and manage protected areas and through education teach local communities conservation practices and appreciation for the efforts of those working to preserve our irreplaceable natural treasures.




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