Educate Your Kid On Espresso Making!

Don’t give them any coffee until they are older


It’s a known fact that Kids shouldn’t start drinking coffee until they reach adolescence. The caffeine and empty sugars in it can cause kids to get addicted, jittery and worse, experience a crash that is similar to withdrawal symptoms. So don’t give them any coffee until they are older. But if you do have adolescents in the house, it’s another matter altogether.


The Training Camp (In Progess)

Thanks to booming number of coffeehouses and cafes, the coffee business is a lucrative industry. Many of our kids actually admire the baristas in these cafes. Whether it’s for prestige or just for the fact that a shot of espresso is a darn good beverage, our kids want in. So, we at Spaziodar decided to hold a free barista training camp for the little rascals aged 12 and up, who wanted to learn how the art of coffee and ways to be a barista. This camp was going to last three days and it to be held at the Lincoln Community Center in Troy. The training camp will be held from the 1st to the 3rd of December.


The Young Baristas

On the last day the children will be allowed to be part of our very own “Kids and Coffee” coffee symposium. Where they will experience what it’ll be like to be a real barista. For this event, we aren’t going to be using manual espresso machines but we are going be using the best sub $200 espresso makers that we bought earlier this year. This is all still in the planning phase but we believe that we can pull it off. Let’s give our kids the best they can possibly dream of.


A More Personal Buying Guide

The $500 budget range is what I personally like to think of as the espresso machine “sweet spot”, or the budget guideline I used when buying an espresso machine. I’ll be honest, when I was in the market to purchase my very first espresso machine, I teetered on the $500 budget and went closer to the $600 mark, the total being 560 or around there but it was worth every penny. Well the best espresso machines under $500 on bisuzscoffee 2017 reviews I read online helped me justify my purchase.


If you’re looking for a basic espresso machine you could probably find one for around 300, but that’s the bottom line, that would be an entry level machine without any extra bells and whistles. Sure you can spend a fortune on an espresso machine, but do you really need one that scans your fingerprint before allowing you to make the perfect cup of espresso? Probably not.


Breville Is The Best

There are three machines at the top of my list if you’re looking for an excellent espresso machine, but my top pick and my purchase was the Breville Infuser.

What a name for something that essentially just gives us a cup of coffee, however this machine can and will rival any of your local favorite coffee shops, i.e. Starbucks, and you can save on those crazy priced shots of espresso, and save yourself the embarrassment of telling the sixteen year old barista that you want to order a “gichi, gichi mocha choca ya ya latte” or whatever the latest craze from your favorite local coffee chain happens to be this week, and since we’ve entered the holiday season do you really want to be seen ordering and drinking anything with pumpkin spice in public? I didn’t think so.


Cheaper Than Most


If you think you can swing it, in my honest opinion you should seriously consider purchasing the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, it runs anywhere from $50 – $100 more, but it does have the built in grinder and that is one major perk.

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